Leaving & Moving On

Yes, I am leaving. I’m so sorry. I must admit because of my very bad absence on Club Penguin means that I have sadly moved on. Moving on is a sad thing. But it happens. Sometimes it must happen. Sometimes when you lose the person you dearly love, you must move on. It happens. All my fans, I shall address to you that I am moving on. But I am not dead. It was just inactivity. Kooldude, I will miss you so bad…. you were a great friend. Leading me through troubled times and always forgiving me when I had an absence. But I am moving onto another game. And it’s called Minecraft. I have lost my interest in Club Penguin. So, Kooldude Entertainment, I woln’t say goodbye to you; I’ll just say…… see you later.

Thank you guys.

-For the Last Time, Likme Me415

Voltage: The Initial Attack

This will most likely replace our Halloween story, but we are forming a story called Voltage: The Initial Attack. This story will be action packed, and unlike any other story we’ve done before. Here’s a little sneak peek:

Get ready for some epic action.

Tomato is in the house

Hello everyone I’m Tomato 8883.  I’m new to the staff of Kooldude Entertainment.  I’m currently working on two new videos for the site.  For now, here’s a cheesy comic.

i quit cp =( for good this time

hey guys well the title says it all sorry but ill be on ever now and agian mjhy12345 is out c ya!!

We… Will Never Forget

Never forget 9/11 and those who perished that awful, awful day lead by Freedom Haters(a.k.a. Al-Qaeda).  At first a absolutely beautiful morning, but then, at 8:46, the world changed, forever. You all know that we cannot resurrect the dead. But here is one thing we can do: we can remember the fallen, and never forget.

R.I.P 9/11 Victims

-Likme Me415


Sadly keeping me very busy, sorry guys!

What? [Applications]

Wow guys, no posts for 10 days? We are HIRING now, nobody is fired though.

  1. What’s your CP name?
  2. Do you make videos?
  3. Link me to your best video(s).